Кот коту глаз не выклюет, бо клюва не имае...

My Brightest Diamond singing 'I have never loved someone' for La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows.

Filmed in Berlin, during the MichelBerger Mystery Music Festival, august 2011.

"After the concert I finally dared to ask her what I wanted to ask her that morning, to sing us this lullaby that struck me down. It’s Sunday morning, a morning of hangovers. The whole hotel seems suspended in the air. We ask her to get to the bar, to make it sing for her, to sing for her son (for whom she had written this song). We erase ourselves. She, she doesn’t. After we're done filming, I cry. She cries too."

Images, Edit : Colin Solal Cardo
Sound, Mix : François Clos
Produced by Chryde & Matthieu Buchsenschutz
Thanks to Tom & Nadine

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